Who needs classification, Am I Right?

Recently, Trump has done something so illegal that technically, only he can do it. He shared code word classified information with Russian officials. This information was so classified that we hadn’t even shared it with our allies, let alone Russia. Now he has started to both deny that he leaked info to Russia, and reassure everyone that he has the right and power to do so.

I think this might finally be a tipping point. Being racist, misogynistic, and xenophobic is all a part of classic American culture, but giving out information to Russia might even be a tipping point to the old people (especially the ones that grew up during the Cold War). We never have had good relations with Russia, and while the president might be able restore those relations, it might turn into him being a puppet for Putin, (if he isn’t already).

Update within an update: According to a private memo sent from Comey out to the FBI, Trump requested that Comey end the Flynn investigation. When Trump was asked if he told Comey to stop the investigation,  he responded with “No, next question.” This has brought up discussion of what the definition of obstruction of justice truly is. I am not here to dive into that, because I truly don’t know. But from seeing that Trump has threatened Comey over twitter and said that Comey should “hope that there aren’t tapes of their conversations”.

But from all that Comey has stirred up, I think Trump should be the one worried about any tapes of their conversations. He has asked for some very suspicious things from Comey, I think that it might actually be time for Trump get out.  His actions are losing the loyalty of republicans in congress, and I think an impeachment might soon come.


PC vs Console

Given the current state of console platforms, I thought it would be good for me to give a “Completely Unbiased” opinion on the topic.

The big pros to playing on consoles are the couch gamer format. You get to use a controller instead of a mouse and keyboard, (which feels much more casual), and you’re able to play multiplayer with your friends on the same console. But now those conditions have changed, It is becoming harder and harder to play multiplayer co-op together because Sony and Microsoft want more money. They know they will profit more from forcing people to buy separate consoles to play together and honestly, it’s awful. I’m not saying PC has ever made an attempt to have multiplayer co-op, but I think it is crucial that the consoles try to keep that because, to me, that is their main selling point.

I have always been a member of the PC crowd. I have always preferred the mouse and keyboard because it allows more control. Although there are some games that heavily benefit from using a controller, skill based games will always find comfort on PC because they have the control that consoles lack. Many games can’t be run on consoles including the entire genre of Moba’s.

It is a lot easier to develop games for PC because you can easily access open source content. If you want to put your game on the XBOX Live store, it will take years of work and enough influence to talk to Sony or Microsoft. PS and XBOX users argue over which games that are exclusive to their platforms are better, while completely overlooking how many more exclusives PC has.

Throughout time different consoles will pop up and have different results, but PC will always be a contender. PC’s evolve over time, but they never fully change. PC is more about consistency and being able to use it for years and years, and consoles are about the newest, freshest games.

I hope you enjoyed my brief PC vs Console blog that I think probably, maybe, made at least a little sense.

The Impending Doom of Us All

Global Warming, that thing that is making summers on average even more unbearable as time goes on.

It’s bad enough that the world is heating from man-made climate change, but it is somehow worse that our Chief Executive denies it. We have spent the past decade hearing politicians that acknowledge that they aren’t scientists telling us that global warming does not exist. In this next decade, I think their opinion will change. With undeniable evidence and Leonardo DiCaprio making documentaries about our impending doom, we have realized that global warming is no longer about the fate of the polar bears, it is about the fate of humanity.

In the 90’s, the solution to global warming was small things like changing your light bulbs to eco-friendly brands. Now we are getting desperate. As the year that coal will run out creeps closer, we are starting to realize how reliant we are on it. But instead of preparing for the inevitable, we are denying it. Now that we have a new president, many world leaders are coming together to try to change his opinion on global warming. Having a president that has denied global warming from the start is going to be catastrophic and any hope for us to change that must be pursued.

Going into this presidency many people had the motto of “Hope for the best, and expect the worst”. I think that if we can convince our thick headed and underqualified president that global warming does in fact exist, these future 4 (let’s be honest, 8) years will become a lot more bearable.

Your Semi Regular Trumpdate

What has President Trump done in the past few weeks? find out on…

Your Semi Regular TRUMPDATE 

Our President, Donald Trump has signed 18 executive orders in his first 12 days of office. The only thing that surprised me about that is that it is actually one less than Obama, who signed nineteen in his first 12 days. While it is less, at the same time it is more because the orders have had much more impact. He has signed an order to build a wall along the border, which I find pathetic, especially since the tax payers are paying for it… Directly going against all Trump has said in the past about the wall. He has also signed in two major controversial pipelines, heavily reconstructed the National Security Council, and is paving the way to repeal Obamacare. All of those speak for themselves but this last one is the kicker, He has signed an order to set a “temporary ban” on all refugees from seven majority Muslim countries. Obama Might have signed 19, but they were to shut down Guantanamo bay,  stop the use of torture in US prisons, and to shut down CIA prisons overseas. It should be noted that Obama’s orders were to create, and Trumps are to destroy. To destroy obamacare, to destroy relations with mexico, to destroy the lives of already desperate refugees.

Next Up. El Presidente Donaldo Trumpano recently tweeted that “Any negative polls are fake news, just like the CNN, ABC, NBC polls in the election. Sorry, people want border security and extreme vetting.” and also “I call my own shots, largely based on an accumulation of data, and everyone knows it. Some FAKE NEWS media, in order to marginalize, lies!”. I don’t want to dive into this one… but his disapproval rating is showing other wise by jumping from 50 to 53 percent. In comparison, Obama had an approval rating of 73 after his first 14 days, the highest of modern presidents.

Thank you for reading my newest, freshest clickbait article, I attempted to be less opinionated this time. Cut me some slack.

The Electoral College and How it has Failed Us

We know that in the past the Electoral College was used for equal opportunity among towns and cities to send someone that they believed was worthy of making a decision that the majority of their region wanted. Now that is not really the case, as now two presidents in the past 20 years have been elected without winning the popular vote. We have to come to realize that the Electoral College does not reflect the political views of the American People.

Now we could just rework the electoral college to have it based entirely on the popular vote… Or we could completely rework the first problem which we have not had a resolution for in a long time.The “first past the post” election system. This system makes third party candidates seem like a terrible option because it makes the option of voting for a third party look like you are “throwing away your vote”. if we installed a system where you rank your ballot choices it would take out the “lesser of two evils” ideology to voting and it would show who you truly want to win. It would lead to better more radical governing and less competition between two corrupted parties. It would lead to a more democratic country because can show what they truly want in a leader instead of showing what they don’t want.

The current electoral system led us to the least popular president, and the day after inauguration an ENTIRE GENDER protested. It should be considered that we might want to rework how Super PACs work. We should limit the amount of time people can campaign for and limit the amount of money they can spend. We need to consider a kind of conflict of interest policy. Somehow limiting the amount of money campaigns can receive from companies because when the election system was created, people thought the president was above taking money from lobbyists. Now Oil companies own half of the senate and probably will own the president. Not to mention that our (soon to be) secretary of state was the CEO of Exxon Mobile: one of the biggest oil companies in the world.

We gotta rework it, and we gotta do it now. The more time we waste the closer to the next election we are and to be honest, we won’t get this by next election. We must progress so that later on we will not have the same problems we do now. We must learn from our mistakes now more than ever.

“A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.” -Greek Proverb

Newest Exercises

My new Percussion lesson teacher has started to introduce the hardest exercises known to man, he has started making me do triplet grid, a very basic idea, but double sticking. This makes it completely different from anything ever. The hard part is that you are matching sets of twos onto sets of threes, and these sets of threes are moving around.triplet-accent-grid1

The hard part is not the sticking or the pattern. It is putting them together. Normally whenever you do any grid like this of any sort, you have to think about dozens of things at one time. Stick height, the pattern, dynamics, playing where you need to on the drum, consistency, making sure your taps are low and your accents are high. This reaches a whole new level, because you are doing things that are completely unnatural to your already developed percussionist brain, and in doing so, completely forgetting about the other things you have taught yourself and have had beaten into you. So you have to spend the next few days/weeks/months working on this exercise and hoping to god that you can somehow magically get the exercises to work together with the previous techniques.

Anyway it is exhausting but the best thing ever at the same time and I wouldn’t trade the world for the ability to drum. There is no other instrument that truly touches the potential you uncap from becoming a percussionist because you don’t just play one instrument from the start. You play dozens of them. You get thrown out of you comfort zone because you are expected to play everything, and when you don’t know how to play something, you figure it out. You can bring exercises from one instrument to another. Like triplet grid on snare to moving it to jazz drum set. That is why it is the greatest instrument of all, because it is always adored by all in whatever field you are in. From Jazz legends like Jo Jones to Rockstars like Neil Peart.



Cyborg Cast

I recently broke my arm, and when people ask I either say I “tripped” which I did, Or I was trying to bench 550 and my arm just snapped. It has only worked once but when it did it was glorious.

While it may be comedic this is not the main idea of my article. The main idea is about my awesome cast that I got for my radial fracture and chip off my ulna. It was an Exos Upper extremity fracture brace from DJO global, and it is awesome. The best part about it is that I can take it off. I never thought it would be bound by wires, but it is. By the pull of a button I can release it and pull my arm through. And by popping that button back in I can tighten it by turning a knob. This is a true example of modern advances that will affect the daily lives of people for years to come.

I find it very fascinating because it fully replaces a hard cast if you have a fracture instead of a full break that needs resetting. They want to make sure you don’t remove if if you have a full break but with a fracture if you are careful you will be fine. I have always been intrigued by the idea of going into a medical career and I really enjoy science and math. I think I might consider a career in designing possibly 3D printed casts and stuff similar to that. Improving the lives of people that have been injured or permanently paralyzed sounds like something I enjoy.