Who needs classification, Am I Right?

Recently, Trump has done something so illegal that technically, only he can do it. He shared code word classified information with Russian officials. This information was so classified that we hadn’t even shared it with our allies, let alone Russia. Now he has started to both deny that he leaked info to Russia, and reassure everyone that he has the right and power to do so.

I think this might finally be a tipping point. Being racist, misogynistic, and xenophobic is all a part of classic American culture, but giving out information to Russia might even be a tipping point to the old people (especially the ones that grew up during the Cold War). We never have had good relations with Russia, and while the president might be able restore those relations, it might turn into him being a puppet for Putin, (if he isn’t already).

Update within an update: According to a private memo sent from Comey out to the FBI, Trump requested that Comey end the Flynn investigation. When Trump was asked if he told Comey to stop the investigation,  he responded with “No, next question.” This has brought up discussion of what the definition of obstruction of justice truly is. I am not here to dive into that, because I truly don’t know. But from seeing that Trump has threatened Comey over twitter and said that Comey should “hope that there aren’t tapes of their conversations”.

But from all that Comey has stirred up, I think Trump should be the one worried about any tapes of their conversations. He has asked for some very suspicious things from Comey, I think that it might actually be time for Trump get out.  His actions are losing the loyalty of republicans in congress, and I think an impeachment might soon come.


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