PC vs Console

Given the current state of console platforms, I thought it would be good for me to give a “Completely Unbiased” opinion on the topic.

The big pros to playing on consoles are the couch gamer format. You get to use a controller instead of a mouse and keyboard, (which feels much more casual), and you’re able to play multiplayer with your friends on the same console. But now those conditions have changed, It is becoming harder and harder to play multiplayer co-op together because Sony and Microsoft want more money. They know they will profit more from forcing people to buy separate consoles to play together and honestly, it’s awful. I’m not saying PC has ever made an attempt to have multiplayer co-op, but I think it is crucial that the consoles try to keep that because, to me, that is their main selling point.

I have always been a member of the PC crowd. I have always preferred the mouse and keyboard because it allows more control. Although there are some games that heavily benefit from using a controller, skill based games will always find comfort on PC because they have the control that consoles lack. Many games can’t be run on consoles including the entire genre of Moba’s.

It is a lot easier to develop games for PC because you can easily access open source content. If you want to put your game on the XBOX Live store, it will take years of work and enough influence to talk to Sony or Microsoft. PS and XBOX users argue over which games that are exclusive to their platforms are better, while completely overlooking how many more exclusives PC has.

Throughout time different consoles will pop up and have different results, but PC will always be a contender. PC’s evolve over time, but they never fully change. PC is more about consistency and being able to use it for years and years, and consoles are about the newest, freshest games.

I hope you enjoyed my brief PC vs Console blog that I think probably, maybe, made at least a little sense.


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