The Impending Doom of Us All

Global Warming, that thing that is making summers on average even more unbearable as time goes on.

It’s bad enough that the world is heating from man-made climate change, but it is somehow worse that our Chief Executive denies it. We have spent the past decade hearing politicians that acknowledge that they aren’t scientists telling us that global warming does not exist. In this next decade, I think their opinion will change. With undeniable evidence and Leonardo DiCaprio making documentaries about our impending doom, we have realized that global warming is no longer about the fate of the polar bears, it is about the fate of humanity.

In the 90’s, the solution to global warming was small things like changing your light bulbs to eco-friendly brands. Now we are getting desperate. As the year that coal will run out creeps closer, we are starting to realize how reliant we are on it. But instead of preparing for the inevitable, we are denying it. Now that we have a new president, many world leaders are coming together to try to change his opinion on global warming. Having a president that has denied global warming from the start is going to be catastrophic and any hope for us to change that must be pursued.

Going into this presidency many people had the motto of “Hope for the best, and expect the worst”. I think that if we can convince our thick headed and underqualified president that global warming does in fact exist, these future 4 (let’s be honest, 8) years will become a lot more bearable.


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