The Electoral College and How it has Failed Us

We know that in the past the Electoral College was used for equal opportunity among towns and cities to send someone that they believed was worthy of making a decision that the majority of their region wanted. Now that is not really the case, as now two presidents in the past 20 years have been elected without winning the popular vote. We have to come to realize that the Electoral College does not reflect the political views of the American People.

Now we could just rework the electoral college to have it based entirely on the popular vote… Or we could completely rework the first problem which we have not had a resolution for in a long time.The “first past the post” election system. This system makes third party candidates seem like a terrible option because it makes the option of voting for a third party look like you are “throwing away your vote”. if we installed a system where you rank your ballot choices it would take out the “lesser of two evils” ideology to voting and it would show who you truly want to win. It would lead to better more radical governing and less competition between two corrupted parties. It would lead to a more democratic country because can show what they truly want in a leader instead of showing what they don’t want.

The current electoral system led us to the least popular president, and the day after inauguration an ENTIRE GENDER protested. It should be considered that we might want to rework how Super PACs work. We should limit the amount of time people can campaign for and limit the amount of money they can spend. We need to consider a kind of conflict of interest policy. Somehow limiting the amount of money campaigns can receive from companies because when the election system was created, people thought the president was above taking money from lobbyists. Now Oil companies own half of the senate and probably will own the president. Not to mention that our (soon to be) secretary of state was the CEO of Exxon Mobile: one of the biggest oil companies in the world.

We gotta rework it, and we gotta do it now. The more time we waste the closer to the next election we are and to be honest, we won’t get this by next election. We must progress so that later on we will not have the same problems we do now. We must learn from our mistakes now more than ever.

“A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.” -Greek Proverb


7 thoughts on “The Electoral College and How it has Failed Us

  1. Well, actually when you said that an “entire gender” protested, that really isn’t true, my mom supported and voted for Trump and she’s a woman(obviously), also adding on to your second part, Trump is actually trying to reduce the power of lobbying.

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    1. I think you realize that the “Entire Gender” statement was a (hopefully) comedic exaggeration. Onto the “Trump reducing the power of lobbying”. His actions are beginning to contradict his words by hiring some of the exact people he spoke out against. He has started to give some people the power to regulate the industries that they used to (and sometimes currently) work for.
      Thanks for Reading,


  2. I do realize that the statement was obviously a exaggeration, but truly, only around 500,000 people attended the protest (including men and children) and there are around 126 million women in the US, in fact, less than 20 percent of women identify as feminists and I think the idea of all women being feminists etc. is in fact sexist in the way of assuming that all women think alike

    Just putting that out there, I did enjoy your post, it was well written with good style.


  3. Libcuck etc.

    Honestly I don’t like Trump that much, I just like seeing all the libtard degenerates get butthurt at him. Ironically though, I think the republicans are filthy anti-science degenerates as well, but they’re far less of a problem than liberal degenerates.


    1. Ha, that is true, I personally don’t care too much about Trump (though I do think he could be a good president) but all these leftist SJWs being so outraged is quite amusing.


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