Newest Exercises

My new Percussion lesson teacher has started to introduce the hardest exercises known to man, he has started making me do triplet grid, a very basic idea, but double sticking. This makes it completely different from anything ever. The hard part is that you are matching sets of twos onto sets of threes, and these sets of threes are moving around.triplet-accent-grid1

The hard part is not the sticking or the pattern. It is putting them together. Normally whenever you do any grid like this of any sort, you have to think about dozens of things at one time. Stick height, the pattern, dynamics, playing where you need to on the drum, consistency, making sure your taps are low and your accents are high. This reaches a whole new level, because you are doing things that are completely unnatural to your already developed percussionist brain, and in doing so, completely forgetting about the other things you have taught yourself and have had beaten into you. So you have to spend the next few days/weeks/months working on this exercise and hoping to god that you can somehow magically get the exercises to work together with the previous techniques.

Anyway it is exhausting but the best thing ever at the same time and I wouldn’t trade the world for the ability to drum. There is no other instrument that truly touches the potential you uncap from becoming a percussionist because you don’t just play one instrument from the start. You play dozens of them. You get thrown out of you comfort zone because you are expected to play everything, and when you don’t know how to play something, you figure it out. You can bring exercises from one instrument to another. Like triplet grid on snare to moving it to jazz drum set. That is why it is the greatest instrument of all, because it is always adored by all in whatever field you are in. From Jazz legends like Jo Jones to Rockstars like Neil Peart.




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