Cyborg Cast

I recently broke my arm, and when people ask I either say I “tripped” which I did, Or I was trying to bench 550 and my arm just snapped. It has only worked once but when it did it was glorious.

While it may be comedic this is not the main idea of my article. The main idea is about my awesome cast that I got for my radial fracture and chip off my ulna. It was an Exos Upper extremity fracture brace from DJO global, and it is awesome. The best part about it is that I can take it off. I never thought it would be bound by wires, but it is. By the pull of a button I can release it and pull my arm through. And by popping that button back in I can tighten it by turning a knob. This is a true example of modern advances that will affect the daily lives of people for years to come.

I find it very fascinating because it fully replaces a hard cast if you have a fracture instead of a full break that needs resetting. They want to make sure you don’t remove if if you have a full break but with a fracture if you are careful you will be fine. I have always been intrigued by the idea of going into a medical career and I really enjoy science and math. I think I might consider a career in designing possibly 3D printed casts and stuff similar to that. Improving the lives of people that have been injured or permanently paralyzed sounds like something I enjoy.


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